Change Someone's Life Through Your Referrals

Upgrade your referral reward from Rp 500.000 to an Rp 800.000 scholarship donation
Become a Donator

Why Participate in This Program

Contribute not to only your referees, but also to someone else's life by giving them a Full Scholarship to our program!

Make your reward more valuable for someone else. If you choose to donate your referral reward, the value of your donation will be increased to Rp 800k

You can vote who should receive the scholarship

How to Participate

Step 1:
Register to Become a Donator

If you became a donator, you may also nominate someone you know to become a scholarship awardee nominee (Optional)

Step 2:
Donate Your Referral Rewards

When you have a successful referral, we will ask if you want to donate your referral reward

Step 3:
Vote the Nominee of Your Choice

For each donation, you may vote the nominee that you think deserves to receive the scholarship

Step 4:
Scholarship Will be Awarded Once the Pool Reached Rp 16jt

Once the donation pool reached Rp 16jt, the scholarship will be awarded to the nominee with the most votes

Donation and Voting Timeline

Donation Progress

Rp 2.400.000 / Rp 16.000.000

Donation Progress and Votes Will be Updated Weekly Here


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Muhammad Rafi

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The scholarship awardee can choose between any of our program: Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, and Product Management

The donation pool will be carried on for the September 2022 batch

Yes, your referees will still get their Rp 500k cashback. The donation is only from your referral reward

Someone that you believe can excel in the course, highly driven, committed, and will use this opportunity to the fullest, but is not in a good financial condition and definitely can't afford the tuition fee

We will reach out to your nominee to register for our program and submit the initial assessment. If he/she passes the assessment, he/she need to submit some additional requirements. On March 8th, 2022, we will announce the nominees and start the voting.